Code Of Ethics

4WD NSW & ACT Code of Ethics

The Association Code of Ethics has been around for a long time. It is up to every member of every club to ensure they and fellow members, understand and adhere to this code.

  • For example; in accordance with Rule 10, 'respect the rights of others', don't run night trips near populated areas where the noise carries for kilometres.
  • In regards to Rule 5, 'carry your own and other rubbish out', means pick up not just your own rubbish, but clean up the area.

4WD NSW & ACT Code of Ethics

  1. Obey the laws and regulations for recreational vehicles that apply to public lands.
  2. Respect the cultural, heritage and environmental values of public/private land by obeying restrictions that may apply.
  3. Respect our flora and fauna. Stop and look but never disturb.
  4. Keep to formed vehicle tracks.
  5. Keep the environment clean. Carry your own and any other rubbish out.
  6. Keep your vehicle mechanically sound and clean to reduce the environmental impact.
  7. Adopt minimal impact camping and driving practices.
  8. Seek permission before driving on private land. Do not disturb livestock or watering points, leave gates as found.
  9. Take adequate water, food, fuel, basic spares and a first aid kit on trips. In remote areas travel with another vehicle and have Royal Flying Doctor Service or equivalent radio contact.
  10. Enjoy your recreation and respect the rights of others.
  11. Plan ahead and lodge trip details with a responsible person.
  12. Support four wheel drive touring as a responsible and legitimate family recreational activity.
  13. Consider joining an affiliated four wheel drive Club.

This code supports the National Recreational Vehicle policy and
is valuable only if you observe it.