Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to become a member of Port Hunter 4x4 Club?

  • We ask that prospective members attend a minimum number of trips/events. Typically this consists of 1 general meeting at Club Macquarie, and 1 trip/social event. By attending meetings/trips and events, you get to meet our club members and see what we are about. This way you can make an informed decision on whether or not Port Hunter 4x4 Club is what you were looking for. Once you have completed the events/trips, you must have 2 current members to support your application for membership. Once signed it will go to committee for approval.

What kind of vehicle do I need to join the Port Hunter 4x4 Club?

  • Any 4WD vehicle that is currently registered and insured (3rd party property minimum) is allowed to join. Before you attend any trips, you will need to speak to the Trip Leader for that outing. They will need to advise you of what to expect on the trip, and make sure your vehicle will be suitable for the trip at hand. If your vehicle is not suitable, you may still be able to attend if another member is happy to take you with them.

On Club trips, how do I talk to other vehicles in the convoy?

  • All vehicles attending a Club trip are to have a UHF radio on board. Channel 10 is the channel used for club trips.
  • All vehicles MUST remain in contact with the Trip leader and convoy whilst on the trip.
  • Club Convoy Procedures are used when on trips.

What is a typical Port Hunter member like?

  • Port Hunter members are 4wding and camping enthusiasts who like to use their 4WD's to get away for a day, a weekend or a month with a group of like minded people. Members enjoy touring and camping for the purpose of appreciating our great country, whilst participating in and promoting conservation of our natural heritage and the sustainable use of parks and reserves.
  • Port Hunter members are not 'hard core' 4wdrivers. Members like to go places and see things. However, we do enjoy a moderate challenge from time to time and ensure there is something for everyone.
  • Members will most likely own a slightly modified 4WD or a standard 4WD. You will find a wide variety of 4wd's, along with a wide variety of tents, campers, caravans and even the occasional swag!

I am interested in joining the Port Hunter 4x4 Club. How much does it cost?

  • There is a one time joining fee of $25 and a annual single/family membership fee of $60 payable at the December meeting (membership year is Jan-Dec). If you choose to join throughout the year, your membership fee will be a pro rata amount.

When I become a financial member, whats included in my membership?

    Once you are accepted as a member and remain financial, you will get:

  • A copy of the Club Magazine each month;
  • Access to resources available through the Four Wheel Drive NSW & ACT Association and
  • experienced advice about your 4WD from our members who have learned through years of practice.

  • Port Hunter 4x4 Club is an affiliated Club with the 4WD NSW & ACT Association, which means that as more and more places in and around the State are being shut down to 4WD access, our Club and therefore the members have agreements through the Association with landowners and NPWS to go to otherwise gated/closed areas.

  • Of course one of the main reasons to join a Club like Port Hunter is for the chance to belong to a responsible 4WD and outdoor sporting Club and the members. You'll find friendships are easy to form and many last a lifetime.